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32933 Just Born Chenille Blanket, Sweater Knit gray 1 $40 to $60
20371 Beba Bean Knit Hoodie, Blue, 3-6 month 1 $20 to $40
34031 Zippy Jamz Sleeper, Sleepy Clouds, Blue, 0-3 months 1 $20 to $40
31859 Enesco Silver Frame, I.D. Bracelet 1 $20 to $40
33369 OVer Cover, Legacy Stripe, Black & White 1 $40 to $60
33916 Dock Tot Lounger, Deluxe, White 1 $250 to $300

Click on the item description to see a photo. Items selected by the customer may not be exactly as shown. We usually know what colour or model that the customer prefers. To order or reserve a gift, please drop by the store or give us a call at (905) 560-4311. We keep a master list for each customer at the store and remove items as they are selected to avoid duplicate gifts. Please let us know that you are making a gift registry purchase. The website list is for your reference and convenience. Please check with the store to confirm that the item has not been purchased already, the website is not updated instantly.

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