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Aden & Anais

The features and benefits of muslin make it the perfect material to use with your baby. Breathability, natural give, softness and durability provide comfort and security for your child. The Aden & Anais line is quite extensive, with different items, types of muslin and a wide assortment of prints.


Aden & Anais, Swaddles

This is the original swaddle that started the whole thing! The Swaddle is available in 5 collections, Merino, Classic, Organic, Bamboo and Cozy. Each collection comes in a variety of patterns.

Easy Swaddles

Aden & Anais, Easy Swaddles

The Easy Swaddle is simplicity itself. It comes in 2 collections, Classis and Organic with a wide assortment of prints.

Sleeping Bags

Aden & Anais, Sleeping Bags

To be worn over a sleeper, the Sleeping Bag replaces loose blankets, ensuring a cosy night. It comes in 6 collections, Merino, Classic, Organic, Bamboo, Cozy and Cozy Plus. A wide array of prints to choose from.

Security Blankets

Aden & Anais, Issie Security Blanket
Aden & Anais, Musy Mate Lovey

Some times the little one needs a little bit of a security boost. Issie blanket comes in Classic and Bamboo. Musy Mate Lovey is done in Merino, Classic, Organic and Bamboo. Different animals steal the show

Bib & Burp Cloths

Aden & Anais, Bib & Burp Cloths

The Burpy, Snap and Bandana bibs add convenience and class to the teething and feeding activities. As to be expected a wide selection of prints make picking and choosing fun

Dream Blankets

Aden & Anais, Dream Blankets

Four layers of saft muslin make the perfect branket for those coller nights. They are available in 4 collections, Merino, Classic, Bamboo and Organic. A wide assortment of patterns to help the Baby and you get a good nights sleep

Baby Bath Wrap

Aden & Anais, Baby Bath Wrap

The plush terry wrap with the muslin hood provides lots of warmth and cuddle opportunities after a bath.

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